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my dad is a cop and i just called him and he was like “hey i have a 17 year old boy in the back of my cop car right now that i’m running him to the station” and i asked if he was cute and my dad said “Hey, my daughter wants to know if you’re cute” and the guy said “i want to say yes, sir” and my dad started laughing so fucking hard

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That thing about the 4 year old boy was bull shit. Thats such a lie. How do we know you didn't find a picture of a boy and then just say that Hamas killed him? You just find what's online and just go along with it. Hamas goes up to them and kills soldiers because they don't wanna risk killing a women or child. They are not terrorists they are just defending there people. But Israel kills children, women, men and baby's! You Israel people need to fuck off or some shit is gonna start.

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Omg omg omg!
Is this for real? Is someone messing with me? Hahahahah I can’t believe this is actually real.
I won’t even bother.

If some reads this anon - just think about it all like its the opposite of what is true.

I laughed so hard at this lol

How do I know that the photos from Gaza are real? Maybe they are from Surya? Maybe it’s Jewish families like the Fogel Family that were killed in their sleep and you just wrote it is a family from Gaza? 

That’s right, we don’t need to steel photos from places and make up stories like you do- THAT FOUR YEAR OLD REALLY DID DIE BECAUSE OF HAMAS AND IF YOU CAN’T UNDERSTAND THAT HAMAS ARE KILLERS THEN YOU ARE BRAIN DEAD!!!!