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Beyoncé on set for Drunk In Love music video

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For the fifth time Hamas has broken the ceasefire offered by the UN & the USA and continued to fire rockets at Israel and kidnapped an IDF officer.

At 8am a 3 day cease fire began. Israel ceased fire. 90 minutes later, at 9.30am, Hamas terrorists moved out of the Strip along an attack tunnel and attacked IDF forces, abducting a soldier who has now been dragged back into Gaza. And SKY News earlier this morning said Israel was fixated by the tunnels….no shit Sherlock…sigh….



BREAKING: This morning, in violation of the latest ceasefire, Hamas terrorists fired at our forces in southern Gaza. We suspect that Hamas kidnapped an IDF soldier during the exchange of fire. The IDF is currently conducting intelligence efforts and extensive searches in order to locate the missing soldier.

And still no one in the world think they are bad??


the world need to realize this already and help us destroy them, before they destroy us.

It’s not suspected- They DID kidnap a soldier- during the cease fire!- so who is evil now? who can’t keep their word? 

We don’t kidnap! we arrest.. And you know what we do with those we arrest? They get a cell, with a bed and clean sheets. They get food and showers, they get visiting hours and workouts. They get to study and get a BA in prison..

You know what they do with the soldiers they kidnap?? They beat them! They starve them! They break their bones and keep them in a dark room with no sunlight!

So tell me again who is cold hearted?!